yachts in the marina

Looking for the perfect yacht charter offer often starts with choosing a destination. Yachting enthusiasts know that an important criterion in this case is not only the country but also a specific region. The regions you can choose in the YACHTIC search engine often differ in terms of climate, nautical infrastructure, landscape, degree of diversity, nautical culture, touristic offer and sailing conditions. 

Each of the available regions opens up a multitude of options for the sailors to spend time, which is why one’s choice largely influences the quality of the entire yacht holidays. Some charterers prefer a rich touristic offer, he attractiveness of the place and the high availability of various forms of entertainment. Others, on the other hand, prefer less popular regions to charter where they can focus on sailing, admiring nature and active recreation. Some yachting enthusiasts prefer predictable and calm sailing conditions, while others want to test themselves in more demanding areas, where you're more likely to find stronger winds and bigger waves.

The wide range of regions allows you to find an offer beyond the most popular directions, so if you're looking for an alternative to the Mediterranean, you can easily find a yacht in the North Sea or the Baltic. Are you interested in traveling to even further afield? Then you can choose Ocean or South East Asia.

Why waste time looking for a yacht in destinations outside your interest? Or flip though the yachts for hours to finally find an offer in the region where you feel like sailing. We realize that a country is not always a precise search criterion, which is why we offer you access to yacht charters in specific regions — all in one click! Choose the date you are planning your trip, select the desired equipment and sort the offers by price or promotion, and then enjoy hundreds of great offers, tailored to your needs and expectations.

This is how YACHTIC's online Yacht Charter search engine works - simple, fast and convenient.