Flex&Refund Policy

Policy of postponing the charter date or reimbursing payments for charter "Flex & Refund" Due to the difficult and unpredictable international situation related to the coronavirus pandemic, we offer you two benefit packages that will allow you to still enjoy sailing and minimize the risk of cruise cancellation.

If you see the signs "Flex & Refund" next to the yacht offer, it means that you can take advantage of additional security for resigning from the charter, such as transferring the charter to another date (Flex) or a refund of money paid (Refund). Details of each of them can be found below:

Transferring the charter to another date (Flex):

It applies to every yacht in our offer and it is free of charge. It will apply if the borders of your country of residence or the country of embarkation are closed, your country of residence will issue an official ban on traveling to the country of embarkation on the charter date and if a mandatory quarantine of more than 7 days is required in the country of your residence or upon arrival in the country of embarkation. More details can be found HERE.


This is an additional paid option, and its cost can be found in the offer of each yacht. This applies to events that may happen to you or your fellow travelers. You can find a list of these events HERE. In the event of such an event, you can cancel the charter and receive a refund.

What do you get?

The common feature of both benefits is that the money you paid for the charter is never lost, and if problems arise before the cruise, you will have a wide range of options to solve them.