Due to the exceptional situation caused by the global pandemic COVID-19, we have increased the maximum flexibility of booking conditions to provide the best solution for our customers. The coronavirus won't destroy your sailing vacation, because you can always move your reservation to another date, if as a result of an epidemic:

  • The borders of your country of residence or country of embarkation will become closed
  • Your country of residence will issue an official ban on travelling to the country of embarkation within the charter period
  • Mandatory quarantine for more than 7 days in your country of residence or after arrival in the country of embarkation will be required

Conditions of transferring the charter:

  • Charter will be transferred to the same yacht in the same or next season depending on availability in agreement with the charter operator.
  • In case of a transfer to a more expensive date/ yacht, the difference in price must be covered.
  • In case of transfer to a cheaper date/yacht the difference in price won't be returned.
  • Payments for the charter should be paid on the dates specified in the previously made reservation.
  • The requirement to perform a COVID-19 test (also to avoid quarantine) or vaccination and transport difficulties are not the reason to transfer the reservation.
  • Only the situation in the client's (charterer) country for 7 days before the charter will be evaluated.
  • These rules apply only to yachts marked with the Flex&Refund symbol when the booking was made.