Why hiring a skipper?

Photo of the skipper

If you don't have permissions to steer a yacht, you are not sure of your skills or you just want to enjoy the cruise resting, you can hire a skipper to steer the yacht.

How much is hire a skipper?

You can find the price in each yacht's description, in the additional services payable on the spot section. The usual amount is € 100 up to 180 per day. It is also a good habit to cover the skipper's food accommodation during the cruise.

How to hire a skipper?

All you need to do is checking the proper option in the additional services section when reserving your yacht.
For some yachts this service in priced individually – please contact us in such cases.

Will the skipper experienced enough?

Yes. All our skippers are experienced and legally employed, with suitable permissions and insurance.

Does the skipper speak my language?

Skippers always speak English and and the language of the country they work in. They often speaks other languages too. If you want the skipper to speak your language as well, please indicate it in the reservation comments, and we'll do our best.

Can I hire a skipper on my own?

Of course, you can hire a skipper on your own. Just remember to make sure the skipper is insured (a professional skipper insurance) and works legally in your destination country.

Prepare a place for the skipper

If you are planning to hire a skipper, remember to prepare a place for him on the yacht. The skipper must have a place to sleep. According to custom crew covers skipper's food costs.

Yacht charter without a license

How to find skipper, who will sail my chartered yacht?

Skipper’s insurance