A yacht sailing on the water


  • Permissions allowing to steer the same yacht in your country are also respected in other countries.
  • In Croatia, a SRC (Short Range Certificate) operator licence is also required. In general, it is not required in other countries, but you should complete a SRC course and have a licence for your own safety.
  • In some water areas (like Greece), an additional person (so called co-skipper) with documented sailing experience is required apart from the skipper.

General notes:

  • The charter operator is entitled to check your skills at a yacht handover. If they are insufficient, he can ask you to complete a short training or hire a skipper (these services are additionally paid). However, such situations are rare – only when the operator's employee sees that the skipper does not know what he is doing.
  • Permissions are one thing, but experience and sailing practice are quite another. A reasonable approach to your own skills is recommended.

If you are not sure of your permissions, send us a scan or a photo of your licences to [email protected] and write which yacht you are interested in. We will confirm your permissions in a few hours.