Route from Lavrion to Mykonos and Santorini

Route from Lavrion to Mykonos and Santorini (7 days) GREECE

Day 1 
Lavrion – Mykonos
 (approx. 75 NM)

When sailing at the Cyclades it is worth visitingMykonos. This vibrant resort is popular thanks to a wide offer of night clubs and restaurants and also beautiful beaches, landscapes and original architecture referring back to the Mycenaean civilisation. History and art lovers will find multiple art galleries here and the Museum of Archaeology. Mykonos attracts to try its great cuisine and invites to enjoy the party on the island that never sleeps.

Day 2 
Mykonos – Amorgos 
(approx. 55 NM)

Amorgos is called the “island of great blue” – it captivates with colours and the scent of herbs. The interior of the island conceals forgotten ruins and lonely churches, we can find several extraordinary monasteries on the peaks. The tourism has been present on the island not longer than for several, so it kept many of its advantages and stays virgin to a large extent. Unlike the other islands spread on the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, we can find peace and quiet here.

Day 3 
Amorgos – Santorini
 (approx. 56 NM)

Santorini is the most famous island of the Cyclades – it fascinates with the picturesque landscape; it is said to be the mythical Atlantis. The island was a flourishing centre of the Minoan civilisation until a great volcano explosion leaving just side elements which are islands today. The volcano eruption in Santorini was good in some ways – the explosion of lava created exceptional dark volcanic beaches, and the fertile volcanic soil gives today products for perfect local cuisine.

Santorini – Ios (approx. 26 NM)

Ios is a small island situated in the south part of the Cyclades. It is covered with beautiful green olive grooves and vineyards. Gialos and Chora are the main towns of the island where most of the tourists stay. In the evening, they sit in bars and dance in clubs until late in the night. After crazy emotions you can spend romantic moments strolling along the beautiful sea shores or relax on one of the beautiful beaches. Thus, the inhabitants truly say Ios has many faces.

Day 5 
Ios – Syros 
(approx. 61 NM)

When approaching the Greek island Siros, you can see the steep hills surrounded by buildings and churches from far away, and other colours than the white and the blue of the Cyclades can be seen between them. Stuck to each other two- and three-storey tenements astonish with the combination of architectural influences of Venice, the ancient Greece and the Middle Ages. Precisely plastered stone masonry, wooden balconies and elegant shutters are small pieces of art.

Day 6 
Syros – Kithnos 
(approx. 48 NM)

Kythnos is a Greek island of the west Cyclades between Kea and Serifos. Merihas is the capital city of the island and a port. The entrance to the port is poorly visible, but it is worth visiting. The place is very pretty, with Greek spirit, and it is a great place to have a bath, perfectly protected against all winds. Also the port in Loutro is worth seeing, and the cuisine in local taverns is worth trying.

Day 7 
Kithnos – Lavrion 
(approx. 30 NM)

Lavrio. Located 60 km to the south east from Athens in the Greek Attica. Lavrio is a port city known in the ancient times from its silver mines which were the basic source of income of Athens. Today, the town is still a port and an attractive summer resort.

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