Route from Biograd to Zadar and to Kornati

Route from Biograd to Zadar and to Kornati (7 days) CROATIA

Day 1
Biograd – Zadar 
(approx. 17 NM)

Zadaris a city of 3000 years of history and unique cultural heritage. It is situated in the heart of the Adriatic – across the centuries as well as today, this city combines everything what a traveller needs. There are many modern architectural structures in the city, like the first in the world sea organs and the Greeting to the Sun installation. The sea organs are located on the coast, and their sound is generated by the motion of sea waves. Greeting to the Sun is an installation consisting of multiple layers of glass gerenating breathtaking light effects.

Day 2 
Zadar – Zapuntel (Molat) 
(approx. 20 NM)

Zapuntel is a town situated on island Molat, one of the most beautiful islands of Zadar archipelago. If you want to have peace on your “own beach”, Zapuntel would be a perfect place. The port and the city Zapuntel are well protected against winds. However, you should be careful when approaching the coast from the sea – the waters betwen island Ist and Zapuntel are 20 and 40 m depth and strong currents may appear – sometimes even up to 3 nodes.

Day 3 
Zapuntel – Veli Iz (Iz) 
(approx. 20 NM)

Theisland Iz is situated in northern Dalmatia. Two main towns on the island are Veli Iz and Mali Iz connected by roads through olive grooves and herbs. Marina Veli Iz is very well-equipped – it has 45 places to moor and it works all year long.

Day 4
Veli Iz – Telascica (Dugi otok) 
(approx. 16 NM)

Telascica is a deep and beautiful bay in the south part of Dugi Otok, one of the biggest ones on the Adriatic. It depth is 10 km, and width is 160–1800 m. It has several pretty, long sandy beaches. There is a Nature Park of the same name located in the bay. The Telascica park, thanks to its setting, is regarded as one of the most beautiful and picturesque corners of the Adriatic.

Day 5 
Telascica – Piskera (Kornati) 
(approx. 13 NM)

Island Piskera is a part of the Kornati National Park with famous cliffs and picturesque bays. Piskera marina is located on the north coast of island Panitula Vela. The marina is very well protected against bora, but it is worse protected against the south winds. The depth at the quay is between 2.5 and 3.5 m.

Day 6 
Piskera –  Zut 
(approx. 22 NM)

Zut is one of the islands of Kornati archipelago, situated between island Pašman and Kornati. This long island has steep and very divers coast along which Luka, Hiljaca, Saruscica, Zut, Bizikovica and other bays are situated – you can moor your boat to each of them. There are no fixed housings on the island – fishermen and cattle farmers come here temporarily during the year, farmers from island Murter grow olives and collect figs here.

Day 7 
Zut – Biograd 
(approx. 18 NM)

Don't treat Biograd only as a place where you collect and return the yacht. Local taverns and restaurants will treat you with beautiful Mediterranean cuisine, and if you want to rest from the city we encourage you to take long walks between charming, narrow lanes, where you will feel the spirit of true Croatia (without the tourists). It's a perfect place to say goodbye to this beautiful country – until next year :)

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