Route from Athens to Egina and Hydra islands

Route from Athens to Egina and Hydra islands (7 days) GREECE

Day 1
Athens (Alimos Marina) – Egina (Agia Marina)
 (approx. 15 NM)

Agia Marina is a harbour on the west coast of the island – it is a perfect place to start a cruise in Greece. Wide beaches, specific buildings and vibrant city will allow you to enjoy the Greek way of life, and nearby ruins will make you feel the spirit of past times. However, the bay is poorly protected against winds from the south east.

Day 2
Egina (Agia Marina) – Sunion 
(approx. 27 NM)

Sunion is an exceptionally picturesque rocky cliffed cape in Greece, situated on the south east coasts of Attica. Already the ancient sailors worshipped this place, so the Greeks built a magnificent temple here for the Ruler of the Oceans and the Seas – Poseidon – and this place was regarded as sacred. The place attracts not only with the ruins of the temple of Poseidon, but also beautiful views of the hilly Peloponnese or picturesque Cyclades.

Day 3
Sunion – Hydra
 (approx. 37 NM)

During a cruise in Greece you shouldn't omit the beautiful island Hydra. Blue sea, combined with the exceptional architectural setting in the 18th and the 19th century style (big houses and manors built around the natural arena at the port) will stay with you for long. There are no cars on the island, so it is even more charming. Near-port restaurants will captivate you with tasty cuisine, and if want to have fun, you will find something for you as well. In the harbour, you may come across a peculiar way of mooring “in addition” – some sailors don't feel comfortable about it, some are attracted and say that this is one of the reasons they come back to Greece – this is a good way to meet interesting people ;)  SEE MORE

Day 4
Hydra – Poros
 (approx. 26 NM)

In ancient times, Poros was an island of Poseidon – the god of the sea, what refers to literature. Local taverns and restaurants will treat you with excellent cuisine, and the vibrant (also at night) city will satisfy the needs of the crew members seeking fun. There are many halting spaces there, so you will a find a place for yourself.

Day 5
Poros – Egina (Aegina port) 
(approx. 18 NM)

The port is situated on the west coast of Egina island in the town of Egina. Its name comes from nymph Aegina seized by Zeus. You can try local olives here, pistachios, grapes or figs. Museum lovers will surely visit the oldest in Greece Museum of Archaeology.

Day 6
Egina (Aegina) – Salamina 
(approx. 19 NM)

Salamina is the largest island of the Saronic Islands archipelago. Its capital city is a town with the same name situated near the main port of the island, Palomino. In the straits between Spiraeas and Salamina, in 480 BC., the most famous sea battle in ancient times was fought, in which the small Greek fleet defeated the Persians.

Day 7
Salamina – Athens (Alimos Marina) 
(approx. 25 NM)

“Alimos” is one of the biggest marinas in Greece where you can find over 100 places to moor. Good communication with Athens (15 km away) and the airport make it one of the most popular marinas in Greece. Its location makes it a very good place to start the cruise – but don't treat it only like a port where you collect and return the yacht. And everybody knows the advantages of this region :).

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