Privacy policy


1.1. This Privacy Policy is for information purposes only, and thus it shall not be construed as a source of obligations for Customers or Clients of the Website.

1.2. The controller of personal data collected through the Website is Yachtic Sp. z o.o. seated in Katowice (registered office address and address for service: 19 Sobocińskiego Street, 40-687 Katowice); entered into the National Court Register under number KRS 0000529641; TIN: 9542751003; REGON: 243706424; e-mail address: [email protected], contact phone: 32 706 11 07 – hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator” being the Website Provider.

1.3. The personal data of the Customer and the Client are processed in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997 (Journal of Laws 1997 No. 133, item 883 as amended) (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Data Protection Act”) and the Electronic Services Act of July 18, 2002 (Journal of Laws 2002 No. 144, item 1204 as amended).

1.4. The Administrator takes the utmost care so that the interests of the personal data owners are protected, especially he/she assures that data collected are: processed in compliance with the applicable law; collected for indicated, legal purposes and not further processed if it is not compliant with these purposes; essentially correct and adequate to the purposes for which they are processed and stored in a form allowing identification of persons they refer to, not longer than it is necessary to achieve the goal of processing.

1.5. Any words, expressions and acronyms that can be found on this site beginning with a capital letter (e.g. Service Provider, Website) shall be understood according to the definition thereof included in the Yachtic.ue Terms of Use.


2.1. The purpose, scope and the recipients of data processed by the Administrator each time results from the actions taken by the Customer or the Client on the Website.

2.2. Possible purposes of Customer or Client personal data collection by the Administrator are as follows:

2.2.1. The conclusion and performance of a Booking or an Electronic Service agreement (e.g. client's account).

2.2.2. Direct marketing of the Administrator's own services.

2.2.3. Feedback from the Client on the Reservation.

2.3. Possible recipients of the Website Client personal data are as follows:

2.3.1. The Administrator makes available the Client personal data to an operator performing the charter and to TU Europa SA in order to cover the yacht cruise participants with insurance.

2.3.2. For Clients using electronic payment or electronic cards on the Website, the Administrator makes the Client's personal data collected available to the chosen entity supporting the said payments on the Website.

2.3.3. For Clients giving feedback on a yacht, the Administrator does not make available the Client's personal data, unless the Client gives his/her permission to publish his/her name and surname.

2.4. The Administrator may process the following personal data of Clients using the Website: name and surname; e-mail address; contact phone number; place of residence, date and place of birth, nationality/citizenship, travel document number, nautical licence number, SRC licence number. For non-consumer Clients the Administrator may additionally process the company name and the Client's tax identification number (TIN).

2.5. The provision of personal data referred to in the above section may be necessary to conclude and perform a Booking or an Electronic Service agreement on the Website. The scope of data required for agreement conclusion is each time indicated on the Website and in the Website Terms of Use.

Cookies information:


1.1. Cookies (cookie files) are small information in text files sent from the server and saved on the computer of the visitor of the Website (e.g. on a computer, laptop hard drive or on the smartphone memory card – depending on the device used). Detailed information on Cookies and the history of their origin can be found here for example:

1.2. The Administrator may process the Website visitors' data included in the Cookies to:

1.2.1. Identify Customers as logged in the Website and show they are logged in.

1.2.2. Remember the yacht search engine settings and favourites, and recently displayed yachts.

1.2.3. Remember data from the filled-in forms, questionnaires or the Website login data.

1.2.4. Adjust the Website content to individual preferences of a Customer (e.g. colours, font size and page layout) and optimise the use of the Website.

1.2.5. Save anonymous visit statistics of the Website.

1.3. As a standard, most of Internet browsers available on the market accepts Cookies by default. Each user may determine the terms of use of Cookies using custom Internet browser settings. It means you can partially (e.g. periodically) limit or fully disable the functionality of saving Cookies – however disabling the saving of cookie files may affect some functionalities of the Website (e.g. it may be impossible tomake a reservation).

1.4. Internet browser settings in terms of Cookies are significant for the acceptance of using Cookies by our Website – according to regulations, such consent may also be expressed through Internet browser settings. In case of lack of such consent, the Internet browser settings in terms of Cookies should be modified accordingly.

1.5. A detailed information on the modification of the Cookies settings and their unaided removal in the most popular Internet browsers are available in the Help of an Internet browser and on the following pages (just click a link):

in Chrome

in Firefox

in Internet Explorer

in Opera

in Safari

1.6. The Administrator also processes anonymised operational data related to the use of the Website (IP address, domain) for the generation of statistics helpful in administrating the Website. The data is aggregated and anonymous, i.e. the do not contain any features identifying the visitors of the Website. This data is not disclosed to third parties.


2.1. Giving personal data is voluntary, however a Client that does not give personal data indicated on the Website and in the Website Terms of Use being necessary to conclude and perform the Bookingor an Electronic Service agreement cannot conclude such an agreement.

2.2. The basis for processing the Client's personal data is the necessity to perform the agreement to which he/she is a Party, or to take actions on his/her request before the conclusion of the agreement. For data processing in terms of the Administrator's own products or services direct marketing, the basis for such processing is (1) a prior consent of the Client or (2) fulfilling legally justified purposes achieved by the Administrator (acc. to Article 23 (4) of the Personal Data Protection Act, a legally justified purpose is especially the Administrator's own products or services direct marketing).

2.3. For processing data in terms of Client's feedback on the yacht, the basis for such processing is the Client's consent.


3.1. The Client shall be entitled to access his/her personal data and to correct it.

3.2. Every user shall be entitled to control the processing of data referred to him/her included in the Administrator's set of data, especially to: request for complementing, updating, rectifying false personal data, periodical or permanent suspension of processing or deleting the data, if they are incomplete, outdated, false or they were collected with the infringement of the act, or are not useful for the achievement of the purpose any more.

3.3. If the Client agrees to process the data for the Administrator's own product or service direct marketing purposes, the consent can be cancelled at any time.

3.4. In case the Administrator is going to process or processes the Client's data for own product or service direct marketing purposes, the person who the data refers to shall also be entitled to (1) motion a written, motivated demand for cessation of personal data processing because of a special situation or to (2) object to the processing of data thereof.

3.5. In order to perform the permissions referred to above the Administrator can be contacted by traditional or electronic mail to the Administrator's address indicated at the beginning of this Privacy Policy.


4.1. The Website can contain links to other websites. The Administrator encourages to get familiar with the privacy policy of websites where the user is directed to. This Privacy Policy applies only to the present Website.

4.2. The Administrator shall use technical and organisational means to protect the processed personal data, suitable for risks and the categories of protected data, and especially shall protect data against its sharing with unauthorised persons, stealing by an unauthorised person, processing infringing applicable regulations and a modification, loss, damage or destruction.

4.3. The Administrator shall suitably make available the following technical means preventing the acquisition and modification the personal data sent electronically by unauthorised persons:

4.3.1. Protection of the set of data against unauthorised access.

4.3.2. Access to the Account only after giving an individual login and password.