Electric winch


An electric winch is, like its manual counterpart, a device that makes it easier to pull and release ropes on a yacht. The difference is that instead of the sailor's muscles, an electric motor is used. This makes working on the ropes much easier and faster.

The electric winch is usually equipped with two buttons. One is used to release and the other one to pull the rope. Sometimes there are also two gears. Faster, with less power and slower, with more.

What to keep in mind when using an electric winch?

  • The winch consumes a relatively large amount of electricity, so when using it, you should check the battery status or turn on the motor or power generator.
  • An electric winch makes it easier to pull and release your ropes, while keeping us out of direct contact with them. When using the winch, remember that regardless of whether the rope got hooked, entangled or simply finished, the winch will not stop spinning. This can lead to equipment damage or damage to the winch itself. Therefore, keep an eye on what is happening and stop the winch immediately if necessary.