A cabin is a room on a yacht for sleep and rest. It is equipped with a berth (bed) and a place for clothes and personal belongings (usually in the form of lockers and galleries). The most common form on charter yachts is a cabin with a wide double bed. Rarer is the case when the berths are bunk. The second solution, however, allows for more comfortable accommodation for people who do not know each other very well.

The arrangement of the cabins, as well as their layout is of course dependent on the class, size and body of the yacht. However, there are types of cabins that can be found on most boats and which depend on their location. These are:

  • Bow cabin - is located on the bow and is usually one of the most comfortable options for accommodation on a yacht; larger yachts can also have two double cabins: two double cabins each, which are a bit smaller, however.
  • Stern cabin - located at the back of the vessel. Most often there are two double cabins at the stern.
  • Saloon - in the case of charter yachts, it may happen that the mesa is also used as a place to sleep. For many people, however, this is not the most convenient solution due to the fact that the saloon is a place for the whole crew to share.

In addition, there are also other terms for specific types of cabins:

  • Skipper's cabin - usually the smallest and least comfortable cabin on the yacht. It is designed for the skipper, usually with direct entry from the deck.
  • Shipowner's cabin - the most comfortable and spacious cabin on the whole yacht. By default, it is designed for the owner. It is rare on most charter yachts.