Air conditioning on a boat

Air conditioning panel control

Air conditioning on the yacht resembles a solution known from apartments or offices. It cools the yacht's cabins and allows temperature control, some yacht's air conditioning devices also have a heating and moisture removal function. However, to start the air conditioning, you need 220V electricity, which means that either a suitable generator (capable of generating the required voltage) or a connection to the marina's electricity supply is required.

What do you have to keep in mind when using the air conditioning on a charter yacht?

  • In European waters, air conditioning is not very often needed, but it certainly increases the comfort of your cruise during hot days, especially while staying in marina. Whether the yacht is sailing or standing on an anchor, the presence of water and wind usually makes the temperature feel lower than on land.
  • The presence of a generator to power the air conditioning does not guarantee that it will operate outside the marina. In some cases, the generator, despite the fact that it allows other equipment to operate, does not have enough power to start the air conditioning..